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While recently channel surfing, one of the "Geico caveman" commercials came on the tube to remind me that Geico.com is so easy to use, even a caveman can do it. The marketing campaign is very clever; watching it, I couldn't help thinking what a shame it was that Allaire didn't think of the slogan first. After all, ease of use certainly is one of ColdFusion's greatest strengths. That night I couldn't stop thinking about the caveman commercial and how applicable it is to CF. Questions kept entering my mind like spam forcing its way into my inbox. Is being very easy to learn and use a good thing for a programming language? Does being easy make ColdFusion a less viable business solution? Are ColdFusion developers illegitimate in the programming world? It is no secret that Java, .NET, and other developers sometimes look down on ColdFusion and ColdFusion developers. Is i... (more)

Breathing Life into a Time-Tested Curriculum

I recently reviewed Macromedia's new "Developing Rich Internet Applications" (CFDJ, Vol. 5, issue 2) course to make developers interested in adding Flash to their arsenal aware of this terrific new offering from Macromedia Training. It is equally important to note that Macromedia's other two ColdFusion classes - "Fast Track to ColdFusion" and "Advanced ColdFusion for Developers" (now called "Advanced ColdFusion MX Development") - were revamped to include material covering the new features and functionality in ColdFusion MX. In this article, I will review the Advanced ColdFusion M... (more)

MAX Impact

I've just returned to London from MAX 2004...what a conference! The announcement of the availability of Flex 1.5; cool demos of Blackstone, Flex, Flash on mobile devices; and a sneak peek at what's in Flash 8 were among the more notable announcements and content at this year's conference. For a more in-depth summary of the conference, take a look at April Fleming's article in this month's issue. While I was at MAX, I was able to have a private round-table interview with the Blackstone development team. We discussed the motives behind the features in Blackstone, what it was like ... (more)

Climbing Mountains - Challenging Yourself with Design Patterns

Novice programmers often ask for advice about the best way to learn ColdFusion. Fortunately for them, there is a wealth of curricula, web sites, knowledge bases, books, tutorials, and other materials to help a budding young developer blossom into a decent ColdFusion developer. What about the more seasoned developers? What resources are there to help them improve? One thing that I always suggest to experienced developers looking to improve their skills, is to try their hand at solving puzzles or at writing generic, flexible solutions to common problems. A good way to do this is by... (more)

ColdFusion and AJAX

I have been keeping my eye on several trends and have been evaluating whether or not they deserve focus in ColdFusion Developer's Journal. I've begun blogging about these trends and about my observations and ideas regarding these trends and the future of CFDJ. This month's editorial is an overview of these events, observations, and trends. Web logs (blogs) are not new; they've been around for several years now, and many ColdFusion developers and companies now blog on a regular basis. These blogs have proven to be a valuable tool for developers - many of the developer blogs are b... (more)