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CFMX 7 New Features ColdFusion Developer's Journal editor-in-chief Simon Horwith writes: It's finally here! ColdFusion MX 7 was released about an hour prior to this writing. This release is the most customer driven release of ColdFusion to date - new features for delivering printable content in the form of portable (FlashPaper or PDF) documents or reports, an event gateway that allows the server to communicate with any system or device via Java gateways (including the popular SMS gateway), an application event gateway, new enhancements to including X-Forms support, Flash Forms, and a ton of new validation support, enhancements to its XML support and Verity engine, much improved internationalisation support, and much, much more. You don't have to take my word for it - you can read all about these new features in this and upcoming issues of CFDJ. View Dave Gruber With... (more)

CFDJ Contest - It's All About Being Practical

This month, I am pleased to announce that Kevin Kazmierczak is the winner of the contest to develop a polling/survey application. His submission included a simple set-up and script for creating and populating the database (a straight-forward read me file makes installation easy), a slick administrative interface that is robust and easy to use, and a front-end that allows site visitors to enter their response to the current poll(s). His solution includes not only the ability to create questions and define the answers and HTML Form Control answer format, but also the ability to vie... (more)

Rapidly Building Web Services Applications with ColdFusion and Studio MX

The last year has shown that Web services are not just another passing fad and their promise of platform-independent distributed applications has been realized. Compared to other application server platforms, ColdFusion MX makes creating and consuming Web services easy. This session will show how the Macromedia Studio MX suite of products enables ColdFusion you to rapidly develop ColdFusion and Flash applications that leverage the power of Web services. This session by Simon Horwith will look at how Dreamweaver MX 2004 allows developers to create a ColdFusion Component (CFC) in D... (more)

Macromedia's Data File Access API Architecture Unleashed

Like its predecessors, Macromedia's most recent installment of the Devnet Resource Kit (DRK 3) is stocked with many excellent utilities for Flash developers. Unlike previous releases, DRK 3 aims to make the lives of ColdFusion developers easier by including many applications and development tools for use in CFMX applications. One of these is an Application Programming Interface I developed called the Data File Access API (DFA API). When I set out to design and develop the DFA API, the goal was to develop an API that would allow developers to store data in text files as either XML ... (more)

Tales from the List: Searching for Answers

Despite what the title of this month's article implies, this installment of Tales From the List is not about a CFDJ-List thread regarding the meaning of life. It's about something much more important: metadata. Metadata, in a nutshell, is information about information. It's how data is described, categorized, and conceptualized, and is also commonly used to show a relationship between different pieces of information. Some sort of metadata implementation is often required to meet Web application business requirements, and this month's featured CFDJ-List thread is all about a post ... (more)