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Simon Horwith: Today I'm speaking with Ben Forta, the technical evangelist for Adobe. The first thing I have to ask you is - the acquisition has happened, Adobe is now controlling ColdFusion and has taken over everything that Macromedia was doing, and this is my first chance to really speak with you since that happened - what is going on in the ColdFusion world? How has the acquisition gone for the ColdFusion team and yourself and what's in store for us in the near future? View this interview on SYS-CON.TV Ben Forta: Thus far, not a whole lot has changed. Before the acquisition we were hard at work on ColdFusion Scorpio. We first mentioned it over a year ago, the next major version of ColdFusion. That work began pre-acquisition and it's ongoing. We're still working through the specs and futures and what the price should be. Independent of that, also pre-acquisition,... (more)

Getting Ready for MAX

It's good to experiment - this holds true for any and every endeavor. Last month I tried something different with CFDJ; almost every article in the issue was about one topic - security. I've gotten a lot of feedback from readers and am happy to report that it was all very positive. Many of you wrote telling me that you really enjoyed seeing an issue devoted to one topic in-depth. I will do my best to organize issues that are focused on one issue in the future. If you have an idea(s) for focus areas you'd like to see CFDJ concentrate on, let me know. I have some ideas of my own, b... (more)

What is the Future of ColdFusion? Adobe Speaks Out!

Simon Horwith's ColdFusion Blog I've received many emails from people asking about my thoughts on the future of ColdFusion under Adobe control. I have also noted many people expressing question and concern on various list servers. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you that the future is looking great. Of course, I don't work for Macromedia/Adobe, so why should you believe me? Maybe you shouldn't... but I've gone straight to the horses mouth, so to speak, on this one. I've just finished interviewing Dave Mendels, former Allaire and Macromedia employee, now Senior Vice Presi... (more)

2005: "One of the Most Significant Years in ColdFusion History"

2005 has been one of the most significant years in history for ColdFusion developers and Web developers in general. 2006 looks to be a very promising year as well, between the impending release of Flex 2, the beginning of seeing what Adobe does with the product, and the continued development of ColdFusion 8, code named "Scorpio." Still, at the end of the year it's good to look back on the legacy we will inherit and build-on in the year(s) to come. This past year saw the release of Dreamweaver 8. This release of Dreamweaver was definitely the best to date - the product appears to ... (more)

What Kind of ColdFusion Developer Are You?

My editorial last month was a high-level overview of all the new features in ColdFusion 8. Many of these features were generally divided into one of two categories: features that address developer productivity and those that focus on integrating with other products and technologies. Categorizing all of the new features into one of two categories is a high-level generalization but necessary when attempting to explain such a long list of features and enhancements in only two pages of text. This month I'm going to talk about ColdFusion developers and how CF 8 can change the landsca... (more)