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Before describing this month's prize and contest, I would like to thank everyone for their submissions to our first contest (CFDJ vol. 7 issue 3). That contest objective was to modify Ray Camden's blog in any way you choose, and you had to take advantage of at least one new feature in CFMX 7. Announcing the Winners of Challenge #1 The winners are Nahuel Foronda and Laura Arguello from Blue Instant (www.blueinstant.com/). They chose to use Flash Forms and Web Services to create a weather pod. I plan to migrate horwith.com to a new server in the near future, and when I do, their pod will be there as well. I also believe Ray Camden is going to make the pod available for download from his site, either as part of the next version of his blog or as a separate add-on to his blog. Congratulations, Laura and Nahuel. Challenge #3 As many of you know, I spend a huge amount of my... (more)

ColdFusion and AJAX

I have been keeping my eye on several trends and have been evaluating whether or not they deserve focus in ColdFusion Developer's Journal. I've begun blogging about these trends and about my observations and ideas regarding these trends and the future of CFDJ. This month's editorial is an overview of these events, observations, and trends. Web logs (blogs) are not new; they've been around for several years now, and many ColdFusion developers and companies now blog on a regular basis. These blogs have proven to be a valuable tool for developers - many of the developer blogs are b... (more)

What is the Future of ColdFusion? Adobe Speaks Out!

Simon Horwith's ColdFusion Blog I've received many emails from people asking about my thoughts on the future of ColdFusion under Adobe control. I have also noted many people expressing question and concern on various list servers. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me tell you that the future is looking great. Of course, I don't work for Macromedia/Adobe, so why should you believe me? Maybe you shouldn't... but I've gone straight to the horses mouth, so to speak, on this one. I've just finished interviewing Dave Mendels, former Allaire and Macromedia employee, now Senior Vice Presi... (more)

2005: "One of the Most Significant Years in ColdFusion History"

2005 has been one of the most significant years in history for ColdFusion developers and Web developers in general. 2006 looks to be a very promising year as well, between the impending release of Flex 2, the beginning of seeing what Adobe does with the product, and the continued development of ColdFusion 8, code named "Scorpio." Still, at the end of the year it's good to look back on the legacy we will inherit and build-on in the year(s) to come. This past year saw the release of Dreamweaver 8. This release of Dreamweaver was definitely the best to date - the product appears to ... (more)

XML Caching Woes

Before examining this month's thread, I just want to take a moment to welcome Christian Cantrell to the community. Christian took the position of Macromedia Community Manager for ColdFusion and, shortly thereafter, introduced himself to the list. Since then, he has chimed in from time to time not only to voice the "official word" of Macromedia, but also to assist developers. So far, Christian has done a great job keeping the lines of communication open between Macromedia and the development community, and I'm sure I speak for the entire list when I say that we look forward to wor... (more)