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It's no secret that I've been outspoken about not liking frameworks for quite some time now. The truth is, I believe that frameworks have a lot to offer. The most significant benefit that organizations stand to gain from using frameworks is a standardized way to code and an environment that is generally more conducive to allowing multiple developers to work on a project at the same time. If frameworks help to standardize how things are done and make it easier for many developers to work on a project, why have I been vocal about not liking them? Am I just trying to create controversy? The truth is that by and large, yes, I am trying to cause controversy...but only because I want to make people think - a statement that I make for a very good reason. I don't like frameworks because I've met a lot of developers over the years who have maybe one or two years of experience... (more)

What's New with Flex, ColdFusion, and More

Simon Horwith: Today I'm speaking with Ben Forta, the technical evangelist for Adobe. The first thing I have to ask you is - the acquisition has happened, Adobe is now controlling ColdFusion and has taken over everything that Macromedia was doing, and this is my first chance to really speak with you since that happened - what is going on in the ColdFusion world? How has the acquisition gone for the ColdFusion team and yourself and what's in store for us in the near future? View this interview on SYS-CON.TV Ben Forta: Thus far, not a whole lot has changed. Before the acquisition w... (more)

ColdFusion 8 Makes Developers' Lives Easier

On May 30, Adobe released the public beta of ColdFusion 8, which means that we at CFDJ can now begin writing and talking publicly about all the great new features. I’ll add a disclaimer to that statement: CF 8 is currently in public beta and things, though not likely, can change between the public beta and the final release – so the CF 8 specific content in CFDJ will be kept light to null in order to ensure that the content we deliver is accurate for the final release. That said, the features included in CF 8 are unlikely to change between now and the official releas... (more)

Bridging the Gap Between Flash and ColdFusion MX

Everybody knows that Flash MX and ColdFusion MX are able to communicate with each other via Flash Remoting, right? But where can ColdFusion developers go to learn everything they need to know to begin building Flash applications and Flash front ends to their existing ColdFusion MX applications? Where can a developer learn how this Flash Remoting technology works, and how to begin leveraging it in applications? Macromedia Training serves up an answer in the form of "Developing Rich Internet Applications with Flash MX and ColdFusion MX" (a.k.a. "DRIA"). Since the release of the MX... (more)

Breathing Life into a Time-Tested Curriculum

I recently reviewed Macromedia's new "Developing Rich Internet Applications" (CFDJ, Vol. 5, issue 2) course to make developers interested in adding Flash to their arsenal aware of this terrific new offering from Macromedia Training. It is equally important to note that Macromedia's other two ColdFusion classes - "Fast Track to ColdFusion" and "Advanced ColdFusion for Developers" (now called "Advanced ColdFusion MX Development") - were revamped to include material covering the new features and functionality in ColdFusion MX. In this article, I will review the Advanced ColdFusion M... (more)