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I've been fairly outspoken for quite some time now about the fact that I don't subscribe to any one framework. I've also spent many years refining what's proven to be the best methodology possible for developing ColdFusion applications. I recently promised my boss that I would learn and evaluate several of the popular ColdFusion frameworks. If I couldn't find one that I felt good about recommending as our standard platform for development, I would formally document the methodology that I use for designing and developing applications. After evaluating several popular frameworks and coming to the conclusion that no one framework would ever meet all of my requirements, I went a step further and began promising to publicly release my methodology. When I decided that we should have an issue of CFDJ entirely committed to showcasing the same application implemented in each... (more)

CFDJ Contest - It's All About Being Practical

This month, I am pleased to announce that Kevin Kazmierczak is the winner of the contest to develop a polling/survey application. His submission included a simple set-up and script for creating and populating the database (a straight-forward read me file makes installation easy), a slick administrative interface that is robust and easy to use, and a front-end that allows site visitors to enter their response to the current poll(s). His solution includes not only the ability to create questions and define the answers and HTML Form Control answer format, but also the ability to vie... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: We Need Not More Frameworks, But Better Programmers

It's no secret that I've been outspoken about not liking frameworks for quite some time now. The truth is, I believe that frameworks have a lot to offer. The most significant benefit that organizations stand to gain from using frameworks is a standardized way to code and an environment that is generally more conducive to allowing multiple developers to work on a project at the same time. If frameworks help to standardize how things are done and make it easier for many developers to work on a project, why have I been vocal about not liking them? Am I just trying to create controve... (more)

Breathing Life into a Time-Tested Curriculum

I recently reviewed Macromedia's new "Developing Rich Internet Applications" (CFDJ, Vol. 5, issue 2) course to make developers interested in adding Flash to their arsenal aware of this terrific new offering from Macromedia Training. It is equally important to note that Macromedia's other two ColdFusion classes - "Fast Track to ColdFusion" and "Advanced ColdFusion for Developers" (now called "Advanced ColdFusion MX Development") - were revamped to include material covering the new features and functionality in ColdFusion MX. In this article, I will review the Advanced ColdFusion M... (more)

Tales from the List

The CFDJList discussion thread we'll examine this month began with a post by list subscriber Helen Warren. Helen's e-mail described one of her daily on-the-job tasks of parsing a pipe-delimited text file containing approximately 30,000 records (about companies) and either inserting or updating data in a SQL Server 2000 database based on the text file's contents. In order to accomplish this, Helen first uses SQL Server's BULK INSERT command to import the data from the text file to a temporary "holding" table. She then loops over the records in the holding table using a CURSOR, an... (more)