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I have been keeping my eye on several trends and have been evaluating whether or not they deserve focus in ColdFusion Developer's Journal. I've begun blogging about these trends and about my observations and ideas regarding these trends and the future of CFDJ. This month's editorial is an overview of these events, observations, and trends. Web logs (blogs) are not new; they've been around for several years now, and many ColdFusion developers and companies now blog on a regular basis. These blogs have proven to be a valuable tool for developers - many of the developer blogs are becoming the best available resource to learn about specific topics and/or about how to solve specific problems. This information is dynamic and free, and comes "from the trenches," i.e., is being authored not by professional authors or evangelists but by people who have real world experience... (more)

i-Technology Viewpoint: We Need Not More Frameworks, But Better Programmers

It's no secret that I've been outspoken about not liking frameworks for quite some time now. The truth is, I believe that frameworks have a lot to offer. The most significant benefit that organizations stand to gain from using frameworks is a standardized way to code and an environment that is generally more conducive to allowing multiple developers to work on a project at the same time. If frameworks help to standardize how things are done and make it easier for many developers to work on a project, why have I been vocal about not liking them? Am I just trying to create controve... (more)

"Convergence Is Now Coming Alive" Says Jeremy Allaire

ON THE PAST... "Back in 1997 I created a simple application in CF that presented a UI via the very first Web phone (the AT&T PocketNet Phone), and allowed me to turn on and off the lights and coffee maker in my house" ON THE PRESENT... "For the past few years I've spent a great deal of timing working on and thinking about the application of rich media, video, and media distribution technologies" "It's hard to think of a kind of Internet or Web application that ColdFusion couldn't be used for building" "most...institutions - learning institutions, government institutions, religio... (more)

Welcome the Arrival of Adobe and Web 2.0

It's official - the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia has been finalized and our beloved ColdFusion has a new home. Is this a bad thing? No, not at all. There was a lot of talk within the community about how this may adversely effect the server, but talk is cheap and, in this case, also very premature. In order to give the community a breath of relief and put a stop to much of the hypothesizing, I interviewed Dave Mendels, senior vice president of Adobe's new Enterprise and Developer Solutions Business Unit, about Adobe's plans for the ColdFusion Application Server. Rest assured, Col... (more)

What's New with Flex, ColdFusion, and More

Simon Horwith: Today I'm speaking with Ben Forta, the technical evangelist for Adobe. The first thing I have to ask you is - the acquisition has happened, Adobe is now controlling ColdFusion and has taken over everything that Macromedia was doing, and this is my first chance to really speak with you since that happened - what is going on in the ColdFusion world? How has the acquisition gone for the ColdFusion team and yourself and what's in store for us in the near future? View this interview on SYS-CON.TV Ben Forta: Thus far, not a whole lot has changed. Before the acquisition w... (more)